iMac17,1 with Intel Core i7-5930K?????

Discussion in 'iMac' started by JayRH, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. JayRH, Dec 25, 2015
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    JayRH macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2015
    So I have been doing some benchmarking on Geekbench 3 with my new iMac. I built it on Apple's site with the i7-6700k. As I was searching other 17,1 iMacs I noticed a number of iMacs with a much higher multicore score and saw they were equipped with the Intel Core i7-5930K 6-core processor. Here is the link to one of these builds:

    I am very interested in upgrading to this processor but I have found nothing on the web about performing this upgrade. I was hoping someone on MR could shed some light on this apparent possibility.

    Also, these setups apparently use 2133 MHz RAM which is different from the 1867MHz stockies.

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  3. JayRH thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2015
    How are these builds specifying the model number, like 17,1? Are these PC builds using OS X? Or are they modified stock iMacs?
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    I think OS X tries to determine the computer based on the specs. They are most likely just standard PCs but unofficially run OS X, which thinks it's a high-end iMac based on the specs.
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    Dec 25, 2015
    I see...thanks for the reply.
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    You actually can reset the id that OSX sees and a hackintosh can be specified any any model that you want. it's just a pointer on the system, and with the modified files that fool the OS into thinking it pulling that info from the flash firmware inside machine.
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    The Fakesmc.kext fools the OS into thinking it is a mac machine then you have configuration file where you set the model used by the various boot loaders available. The boot loader injects the information in the config file into the device tree of OSX before it gets fully loaded to give you your model number.
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    You can however use 2133 MHz ram in the 17,1 iMac. Works just fine.

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