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    Aug 25, 2006
    I have a problem burning dvd's with toast. I've use mac the ripper succesfully to rip all my dvd's and have recently purchased Toast 7 which works great....for some of the movies. However for a minor few movies when I try to burn them using Toast a pop up says "the content of this video_ts folder cannot be compressed. my dvd's are -R. Could this be a result of a bad rip? are there any solutions to this particular problem? I can't seem to fix it... Would like to though because it seems that the dvd I can't seem to burn are also the once that had bad sectors when I ripped them with MTR.

    I'm now trying to burn a tv show down using Toast 7 but when it encodes the avi files to dvd-video it must store the files on my hard disc. Now after burning 6 episodes my hard disc is almost full. any help would be appreciated to question (though I realize it must be a lame one)

    However I have some basic problems with my mac and I wondering as to wether they are common ( which I am thinking they shouldn't be ) or if I have a virus or just damaged software?

    1. Everytime I try to close just one safari browser window safari " unexpecedly quits" and it's say reopen, report or close. I've had my mac down at the local Mac store here in copenhagen and they not been able to find the error, and have told me to reinstall tiger. which I've done 3 times with the same problem reoccuring!

    2. Sometimes my programs are "not responding" and I have to go in the force quit menu. now I realize that this could occur seldom, but it's seems to be a frequent thing!

    3. I have eyetv 200 Which should run every time opened! however this is not the fact.... most times the eyetv screen just dissapears and when I go to the tuning menu it says that the device is not connected....though it clerely is!!!!!

    I hope you can help me with these questions
    because they are driving me crazy.

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