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Apr 12, 2001
AppleTurns claism to have predictions for the upcoming MacWorld 2002. Amongst their rumors including G4 933-1+gihz machines, iPhoto, flat panel iMac as well as a standardization on Mac OS X:

Speaking of Mac OS X, there was a definite vibe that January 7th would constitute the official switchover; as of that date, upon first boot, owners of all new Macs will be greeted with the pleasing contours of Aqua.


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Jul 18, 2001
Dendermonde/Leuven, Belgium
iPhoto & New Digital Device

If it's true that Apple would release an app called iPhoto (IF!) and if there is a new breakthrough digital device, it could be a digital photocamera... It would fit very well in the Software-Hardware-strategy used for iTunes & iPod.

But let's not speculate...


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Dec 6, 2001

I see many pro's and cons to a digital camera if Apple decided to realease one.

The reason iPod was so successful was because the alternatives were so awful. Other MP3 players in the market were simply garbage, and couldnt hold a tenth of the songs iPd does. However, digital camera are a different story. Digital cameras made by olympus, cannon, etc are very nice. They are extremely professional and user friendly, and I dont think Apple could match their quality and price. I think it wouldbe a HUGE mistake if Apple tries to move into this market.

On the other hand, if Apple can figure a way to make 'point and shoot,' more consumer (less professional) digital cameras that are cheap and easy to use, then maybe they have a chance. If they position themselves out of the professional market, and into the run of the mill digital camera market, and figure a way to make them more user friendly than the ones that exist now (maybe holds a couple hundred pictures, have auto zoom, focus, etc) then maybe they have a chance.

I dont know, I just dont see Apple getting too into this market. Ill be suprised if they do. Who knows though, Apple is a very unique company.

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Oct 21, 2001
I agree

I agree with agreenster about the digital photo camera. But if it comes out, itwill have to be cheap, and aimed at the consumer market, not the Pro market, there is just too much competition. Anyway, I think AppleInsider is right, Apollo G4's, iMac, and iPhoto. Though I am not sure about the default of Mac OS X. But we will see.


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Aug 7, 2001
Cameras & G5 chips

Personally, I don't think Apple is going to release a digital camera. If they did, or if another manufacturer in cooperation with Apple did, I'd hope it would be an inexpensive consumer camera, something closer to $100 to $150. Most of the digital cameras I've seen that work with macs tend to be fairly expensive. Perhaps it might be more plausible that Apple is working with several camera makers to integrate some of their software easily with the cameras. And if there is such an iPhoto type app in the works, I'd hope it would have some great photo manipulation capabilities.

Notice how there isn't much speculation on G5 chips showing. I think that G5 chips coming out is a little too soon since they seemed to still be in the design phase this month (or as the rumors went...), and I would feel a little leery about these new chips coming out with more time to test them and such. It looks like a faster G4 chip for now, and perhaps for MacWorld NY the G3 will go the way of the dinosaur, and all of the chips will take a step up.


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Dec 19, 2001
Think digital photo album

Just as the previous poster said - what if there was a device that completed an iPhoto pair like iPod does to iTunes? It would stand to reason the device wouldn't be a tool for creating images - as iPod doesn't record MP3s. But rather for taking images with you.

Think digital photo album. A series of picture frames that come in various sizes from 3x5 desktop size to larger ones that could be hung on a wall. 1Gb would be PLENTY of room to store several high quality pix that would rotate/change/fade/zoom/ad infinitum throughout the day.

iPhoto would allow the user to manipulate 'play lists' of seasonal holiday photos, party pix, or what have you.

I would imagine such a lavish consumer electronics item would be expensive - Kodak offers one now that is small and several hundred bucks. Still, if Apple made it easy to manage, it could be part of the bright possible future!


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Dec 6, 2001

Neat idea, but I dont think it fits in with their "digital hub" concept.

I do like the idea though, it sort of sounds like a 'digital' light box. (like artists use to hang translucent artwork on, and light shines through to give it a glowing, 'monitor' look) But I dont think apple is really moving into home/office decor, which is what that really boils down to.

Maybe there isnt a digital device? Has anyone said that this isnt the iMac? I havent heard. Maybe we are all speculating, and what Jobs really was quoting on was JUST the new iMac coming out. That would make more sense. Someone help to clear this up please!


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Nov 6, 2001
I think...

With all these rumors around, we should me more on the skeptical side. Believing all this, and hoping for a digital camera might lead to what we had in Macworld July (the thrashing of apple because they didn't launch a flat-panel imac!)

On the other hand, I think this might be not such a bad idea. But if they launch an iPhoto program, what will happen to image capture? It's so easy nice and simple and it's interface is so compelling. Will it go the way that the MP3 player did in Mac OS Public Beta?


Don't forget thet Apple's done digital cameras before. They at least have a little experience compared to what they had with mp3 players when they introduced the iPod. Most likely Apple wil find a way to make it easier and better than any other consumer camera around. I've never used Image Capture, but it would be cool and logical if they integrated it, that way other programs could still easilt use the pictures.

MasterX (OSiX)

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Sep 3, 2001
If only…

The day Apple sells stuff cheep is the day Apple gets more than 20% market share. Imagine how sweet It would be If Apple priced things reasonably… honestly I think Apple should give up on Apple Brand Ram and sell Mushkin Graphite for Macs at the retail price, which is around $79 for 256 PC133 I think, too lazy to check… Likewise they kill you on the HDs, the screens are OK and the CPU cost is good, but the shells ans MoBos are awful. I think if you subtract the price of all the components of a G4 you find that a 867mhz G4 and a Shell is around $800. Ouch…

joey j

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Oct 19, 2001
Re: If only

MasterX (OSiX)>I think Apple should give up on Apple Brand Ram

Apple doesn't produce its own RAM.

> and sell Mushkin Graphite for Macs at the retail price, which is around
$79 for 256 PC133

Spot prices are irrelevant to companies which probably signed supply
contracts years ago when the price of memory was much higher.

kevin leidecker

What I would like to see is Apple design a new photo camera using the mini-hard drive that's in it's iPOD... Where was it carved in stone that image capture has to be done to expensive ram based media?

Put me a decent 2 megapixel camera with good battery life "rechargeble would be really cool" with 5 gis of photo storage maybe even through in Quicktime movie mode... And I will buy one for sure!

Digital camera's memory no matter how much you have never seems enough... Esp if your using your camera's highest quality setting...

Kevin Leidecker


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Dec 12, 2001
South of Boston, MA
All I really want from Apple is a G4 Powerbook which allows me to use my Apple Cinema Display with it. I really don't think I'm asking for to much here.

Of course to be able to use two Cinema Displays with any Apple "configured" computer would be nice also.
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