Imac's shipping from China!!


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Oct 22, 2007
Signal Hill, CA
Hey there everyone. Been a pc user here for the longest, but have been playing around with Mac's a bit, so decided to order one over the weekend.

I had no idea these things were shipping from China. I paid for next day air delivery, so I expected them to spend all day Monday for configuration, then ship Tuesday, and I should receive it today.

But no, it shipped Tuesday alright, but from China, and wont arrive until Friday.

Should I ask Apple to refund me my next day air of $80? They knew it was coming from China and that they couldnt offer next day air on that shipment.


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Oct 15, 2007
They've always shipped from China I believe - if you BTO anyway, I think. Well, I didn't do next day air, but mine showed up well before the tracking page said it was supposed to show up, like three days before, so I didn't have reason to complain.

Wouldn't hurt to call them up I suppose. I'm always leary of buying something online on the weekends or after 5pm EST and paying for any kind of expedited shipping though, there is always some delay in those circumstances, at least in my experience.


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Jul 21, 2007
I don't see next day shipping as an option on the website when ordering an iMac only standard and 2-3 day. But if that is what your invoice says and it doesn't happen just call Apple and they will make it right. They always come from China.


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Oct 31, 2006
BTO always come from China. They declare that shipping time (1 day in your case) as the time after it arrives on US soil. This was a hot topic back in July when everyone was waiting for their MBP's with 7200 rpm harm in calling, but they might just say it's 1 day once it gets to US soil.
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