Image Capture Issues: Its importing corrupted images-

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    [ late '11 i7 2.5 15" Macbook Pro 4gb RAM on 10.8.2]

    I used to use image capture w/ my Canon 20D and I never had any issues, but this is strange for me. I was only testing out my new 5D Mark III and after these shots, I couldnt tell if the camera, lens, CF, or anything that could have caused this-

    7 images out of ~200 images-

    This may or may not be part of the issue-

    I am using Adobe RGB (1998)
    Large + RAW
    I used my 17-40 and my 100-400 for these shots. They were shot between F/9-16 or so. I think that doesn't matter though. Of course, I even tried these files in Photoshop and it found them corrupted. Odd. I'm using a FW800 Delkin CF reader.


    Besides- I manually dragged the files off the CF into the folder, and they open properly and without any issues like this. It seems that Image Capture doesn't like something that I did (Or my camera is a hipster)? =p

    If Image Capture may be the case, how do you prefer importing files from your CF/cards? I'm glad I didn't format/erase the files before I dragged the files off the CF.

    I went ahead and did some testing-

    I imported the entire CF Card (Kingston 32GB 133X Elite Pro)- [~200 files including RAW files]

    In my first OSX Image Capture import that included 7 corrupted files.
    - I have now found that ZERO damaged RAW files in that same import (Which I didn't even test the first time since I generally browse the jpegs first rather looking at doubles until its necessary)

    Of course, at this point, The first import VIA dragging files off the CF and there was ZERO corrupted files (RAW and JPEGs).

    The tests were-

    I imported the entire CF 6x w/ OSX Image Capture and the results-
    - The first test that left me with 9 corrupted files but which was strange... It came with the same 7 corrupted files and plus 2 extra corrupted files-

    The strange thing is- 4 import runs w/ Image Capture that didn't cause any corrupted files at all or RAW files.

    Dragging files off the CF-
    - I dragged files off 5x. Not 1 single file is corrupted out of all.

    It seems that only 2/6 imports [OSX Image Capture] had corrupted files out of all.

    Dragging files off the CF is working flawlessly and 5/5 imports left with ZERO corrupted files.

    I went through all RAW files (luckily I didn't take many shots this time since it was my first time out with the 5D3) and they were all fine.

    I am planning on researching through the mac forums to see if anyone else had issues with Image capture since its obviously to be blamed for the corruption.

    - I am also unsure if perhaps the CF card could be causing it but its the only CF card that I have. I feel that its not the problem. I would have expected (in my thinking) that the 5D3 would have given me errors while shooting but there weren't any issues, right?
    I still feel that the corrupted files were taken w/ higher f/ rather f/4. It may be a coincidence in this case. I would have expected a very large amount of corrupted files. Very strange.

    Short story- Dragging files off the CF is the most reliable option so far.

    Thoughts or a better app for importing images?


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