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    I am using images in my iPhone App that I purchased from Dreamstime. I was wondering if there any issues with their licensing(such as use in iPhone Apps)? I know that iStockPhoto requires an extended license for more than 500,000 sold copies.

    Any information regarding their licensing is appreciated.

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    I've purchased Dreamstime images and used them within the license terms for promotional materials for a non-profit group and in a small web-based app.

    Their general rule is that you are limited to 500,000 uses of the image on printed materials but not limited in that way for use on a website or in an app. However, your use of the image in an app may be limited to a width of 800 pixels. The exception is confusing -- when the image is "part of a design" -- so if you want to use the image at a higher resolution then I suggest that you ask Dreamstime about that particular use of that particular image and they'll provide clarification.
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    Okay, I found this on their FAQ:

    So, I am assuming that this includes iPhone Apps. Any other info is appreciated.

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    The answer is right there:
    ... if you have any uncertainty regarding the use of the images in a correct way please email support using the help form.​

    No one here can give you a definitive answer about that vendor's licensing. You need to ask the vendor directly.

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