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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by macmesser, Jun 6, 2014.

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    I have used Extensis Portfolio (which evolved from Adobe Fetch) standalone to manage my image database for years and I really like it. Some of the great features for me are auto extraction of image metadata, access to this data through Portfolio fields, the ability to add custom fields, ability to move, rename and generally organize images and other digital files, import-export of field data, ability to control and get-set field values with Applescript. Unfortunately it has been upgraded and Applescript is no longer supported so before I spring for the upgrade (which offers PHP programing and server-client architecture) I am looking for another program to fill it's shoes which also has Applescript support.

    I have Lightroom but have not used it at all to speak of. I know LR and Aperture would allow me to do some of the things Portfolio does, but I'm not sure either of them does those things in any but a sideline kind of way. I also remember a program called Cumulus which was the competitor of Portfolio years ago and did mostly the same things, except a bit differently (to me counterintuitively). At the time, Cumulus was the big boy. I assume Cumulus is now defunct because I couldn't find it. I'd appreciate any insights/information on these or any other substitutes for Portfolio. Thanks for any inputs.
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    Both Aperture and Lightroom would suit your needs for photographs and in my hands are SO much faster than Portfolio. Support for Portfolio 8.5 standalone is being discontinued, but I moved a long time ago. I prefer Lightroom for the Photoshop control, but Aperture (using referenced files) works well and this is what I use for about 8TB of photos, including all my scanned previous slides. Using 'Albums' you can create many groups of photos, the keywords needs a lot of work, and very often I use an external database containing other information and billing to identify the name of the photo group I want to use.

    Portfolio was better was the keyword functionality and the ability to handle a very wide diversity of file types and both Aperture and Lightroom could do with much better duplicate management. I have not used Applescript with either.

    The other big question is how you get your existing data into either programme. Moving may be the biggest pain ever! Good luck


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