Image Quality Decrease when set as Wallpaper - Why?

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    I am having this problem with my iPod Touch, but I'm posting it here because 1. It's a troubleshooting forum and 2. Since it appears to be a software issue, I'm assuming the same problem can occur on an iPhone.

    I've had a persisting problem where it seems as if image quality is degraded when I set an image as my wallpaper. I feel that the colors in the image become less saturated, and the sharpness of the image decreases. The effect is not drastic, but it's enough that I notice it and it bothers me. Far inferior products handle this operation without a hitch.

    I have posted two screenshots to show what I mean. One is the image as it looks in my photo album on my iPod itself, and the other is what it looks like on the homescreen when it is set as the wallpaper. The best way to compare the images is to save them both in their full size and quickly flip back and forth. It's clear that the image loses both color and sharpness. The images are 480x320 JPEGs, and look great in the photo album. I have no idea why the iPod (or iPhone) does this, anyone have any answers? Thanks

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    Which version of iOS are you running? 3.1.3, or 4.0. Also, which iPod are you using (1st, 2nd, or 3rd)

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