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    I have a load of photos to resize, and I quite often get this task, with different dimensions.

    I want a program that can batch resize to a set size, eg 800px x 600px.

    So for example, I want the 4:3 source image to fit a height of 600px and then crop the sides to 800px. Or I want a portrait photo to resize to 600px high, then crop to 800px wide.

    I hope you understand what I'm getting at, it needs to keep its aspect ratio, have an absolute size, and not have any white space around the photo.

    Depending on the source photo, the program needs to decide which way to size the photo. All the programs I have found won't do this.

    If anyone knows of a great program for this, please let me know!
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    I'm thinking you might need an Automator script and something like GraphicConverter or ImageWell(?)

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    Have you tried Automator? You can tell it to get all the pics in a folder or something and resize. I used to do this to create thumbnail versions of pics for a website. Maybe this one will do what you want? This might help you make your own action. Or look for "automator actions resize" in google.

    Check this thread
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