Image Retention/Ghosting on rMBP late 2013

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xahshengx, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. xahshengx macrumors newbie

    Nov 25, 2013
    Hi all, does anyone have experiences with ghosting on rmbp? I was able to see some ghosting largely in the centre, by doing the famous checkered test for up to 10mins and switching to a grey screen, picture attached. It took about 3mins plus for it to fade entirely. But anyway, do you think that warrants a replacement under warranty from Apple/Apple Service Provider? Has anybody successfully have the LCD replaced without doing much convincing?

  2. john500y2k macrumors member

    Feb 28, 2013
    Just come back from the apple store due to image retention developing on my 15" rmbp.

    Set up a genius appointment after seeing it slowly worsen after a few months.

    I explained to the genius lady that I noticed some image retention becoming present around the edges a few months back and found the apple guidelines to avoiding image persistence. However the settings it recommends we're already the same as how I set up the laptop when I first bought it. It was only very slightly and you did have to strain to see it.

    Over the last couple of months I have noticed it getting slightly worse and noticed it seems to develop easier when the screen is warmed up.

    She was completely empathetic and understood that this was gutting considering for more than a year I was enjoying that laptop without any belmishes being presented. Straight away said that she would run some hardware tests and a specific image persistence test to determine if it's faulty.

    As the first hardware tests were being done she just said oh looks like there's one screen in stock too so we can repair it straight away.

    Before she even did the image persistence test she already booked in the laptop for a screen replacement under warranty (I have AppleCare). She loaded up the test explained that she would leave it for 4 mins even though I didn't think it would show that immediately she was pretty much already set on swapping out the screen as she knows it will get worse with time.

    The test completed and she said that she was looking for any signs of tiles left on the screen. Didn't see any but she spotted a white glow coming from all 4 borders and said that it looks like the first signs especially after only 4 mins. I told her that she should see that affect after sometime web browsing where the borders are always white. Then you get a huge blooming light bleed effect all the way around the screen on anything not white.

    Straight away she printed the service order for the screen to be replaced under warranty and said that she would do it so it's ready by tomorrow.

    I would recommend that you do set up a genius appointment and take it in. I don't know if your genius will quite be as amazing and completely understanding as my one was but she was defiantly not satisfied with any imperfections in a retina screen as she put it.

    Booked a genius appointment after spotting some slight image retention. Genius lady was absolutely brilliant did tests even though only the very faintest sings of retention present she was intent on replacing screen under warrenty the very same day.

    Just got a call & email from her and it's all done ready for me to pick up. Unfortunately can't make it there in time before closing today but tomorrow morning can't wait to pick up my rmbp with a fresh screen. No idea if it's Samsung/LG.

    Hope you have just as present of an experience.

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