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    Hi folks,

    Apologies if this has been asked before but I can't find the info to help me.

    I have a Macbook Pro Retina 13" 2015. I've slowly been trying to get used to it as I'm a Windows user normally.

    My issue is trying to view a folder of images. The only way appears to be to click on the image and look at it in preview. Then if I want to look at another I am going back to the finder and clicking on the next one.

    In Windows I could just select the lot and view as a slideshow or similar.

    I did find that I could look at photos through uploading to albums in Photos. So I bought a Transcend 256gb Jetdrive, formatted it, imported all of my photos to it, then thought it was just a case of importing them all into Photos in various albums. I got about 6 large albums in when I had a message telling me I needed more gigabytes in order to complete that next import. I guess that the images are importing into Photos and creating that same sized file which is eating into my Macbook's internal memory.

    So, is there anyway I can either link my images on my Transcend Jetdrive to my Photos software on my Mac so that I can view them through Photos? Or failing that, is there a free and reliable image viewer that anyone can recommend that I can view my images through, in albums/slideshows etc.

    Apologies for the long-winded first post but wanted to try and explain it all as it's a little frustrating.

    Many thanks

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    There are a few options built-in to the Mac OS.
    To View Pictures
    Use Quick Look to view pics. Just select a pic and press the space bar. Then use the arrows to move through the folder. Or you can select all the files in the folder (Command-A), then right-click and Open with: Preview. That will open all pics in Preview so you can navigate through them and edit them, if you choose.

    Grab yourself a folder full of photos that you have on your Mac, and open it up. Then, select all the files in that folder, either using Command-A.
    Once you’ve got them all selected, hit Option-Command-Y on your keyboard to start the Slideshow feature.
    Once you get the slideshow rolling, click on the little grid icon at the bottom of your image, between the right arrow and the Add to iPhoto icon. All the photos you selected will now show up in a grid, ready for your perusal. You can use the arrow keys to move around in the grid. The grid will rotate to any photos that don’t fit on the one screen when you get to the lower right corner of the photo layout.
    You can also get this grid-style going from the QuickLook itself, by clicking on the little grid icon in the upper left of the photo when you’ve opened it via the Spacebar key. You’ll get a grid of all the photos you selected before you went into QuickLook.


    Set your Finder window in column view, then you can step through all the photos/images/documents in a folder and also navigate in and out of nested folders using the cursor keys.
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    Thanks very much for the info. This is exactly what i'm after. you've saved me from going greyer or balder!!!

    Thanks again so much
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    You are very welcome. I've been there done that for going greyer and balder! :)

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