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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I just checked the US Apple Store and the iSight is still available for purchase, it just has 3 weeks lead time. Could this be the rumoured update? Could it just be they have run out of stock? It doesn't matter to me I'd never buy that thing you linked too. ;)



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Oct 3, 2005
Nelson, BC. Canada
Apple updated the shipping estimates from 'October' to 2-3 weeks, in the last 24-hours. Rumour is it will be selling from next Tuesday. It's unclear whether it'll be a true update or simply a change in some of the component materials used, to adhere to the EU Nasty Materials law (don't recall the name).

The iMage looks good, but no mic - I'd like the iSight for my MacPro & iBook, so the Mic would come in useful for the Mac Pro.


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Oct 15, 2006
Since it's almost impossible to Skype without a headset anyway, (because of echo and feedback), I'm sure a camera mic is not so critical these days.


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jTreu said:
damn, that is ugly as hell

I disagree.

When I was in the market for a Webcam, I was pissed at how every inquiry went like this...

"hi, I would like a webcam"

"okay great we've got a ton of them, and most of them are under 60 bucks !"

"awesome..! I have a Mac"

"oh....we have the iSight, it's over 200 bucks..."

"son of a ..."

so of course I got the iSight, and ya it's great, but soo pricey....and it's just an annoying monoply, this iMage looks sweet, sucks there's no mic though....

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