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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by skygremlin, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Jan 14, 2009
    OK I have a, most likely simple config question, but it's bugging the heck out of me.

    Folder Icons are automatically created. When in finder if I go into a folder that has images, documents, or folders, there are corresponding icons. So for example if I have Images, there is an icon name "Images", documents (text doc) there is an icon that says "Documents", if I have another folder there is a icon that says "Folder"...
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    There is a set of special folders that have unique icons, such as the ones directly under your user folder: Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, etc. Any folder created by the user has a generic folder icon.

    How to change the icon for any disk, app, file or folder
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    RE: icons/lists...


    I don't quite understand what you are asking, silly me. But if you are asking whether you can view your folders in the Finder as either Icons or as lists, the answer is yes. At the top of the Finder window is a bar of options that change the current display among the various options, such as icons, icons and names in a directory listing, icons and names in a tree-like listings, and as a "window" on the contents of the files displaying thumbnails of the files, like a thumbnail for an image file.

    The Preferences panel for Finder also allows some customization of how Finder displays its windows, and the top row (Personal) of the System Preferences app also has tools that affect how Finder windows are display and what happens when you click on things in the Finder.

    Hope this helps,
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    I'm sorry let me see if I can attach a quick screen shot. So this is the same folder. One copy is stored on my second drive (storage) it has a folder called PDF Documents. The other copy (again of the exact same folder) is on my desktop. it does not have the PDF folder, or what I'm calling a folder because of the icon.. I cannot open the PDF folder or see details on it.

    OK NOW I literally just reopened the location in Finder and that "PDF Documents" folder is gone... LOL..... Glad I took the screenshot. Maybe somebody can tell me what I'm missing.. I'm sure this is a config I changed when "setting up my system" :)

    This was the process I just did:
    - Opened up finder
    - Navigated to that folder - top one in the screenshot
    - Copied that folder to the desktop and opened
    - Took the screen capture
    - Closed both windows - command - W
    - Started typing this reply
    - Went back to the original folder - again top image. And the "PDF Documents" is not displaying anymore

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