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    Just if someone is interested: ImageViewer4Mac

    There are many possibilities to just view your photos or images on your Mac.

    You can use iPhoto, but then you need to import your photo from your SD memory card or USB stick.
    Or sure you can use Preview... but that's a little bit odd.

    Because I did not found what I am looking for, I wrote the software by myself.

    Just a simple images viewer that does not require importing.

    Usage: Just install ImageViewer4Mac, navigate to the first photo you want to show within the Finder, and start ImageViewer4Mac. (Best you add the icon on the Finder Toolbar on top.)

    • Slide show in fullscreen mode
    • Slide show in window mode
    • Remote control with IR remote device
    • Speed control for slide show
    • Works with memory stick, SD Cards, USB, disks, basically any media
    • No import required
    • Works on OS X Mavericks (10.9) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)




    If you have any idea, reports, feedback, etc. please use the product homepage and leave a message right below the page.
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    Can you delete the currently being viewed image from within the app?

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