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    Hi all,

    I really hope you all can help, as I'm in a bit of difficulties with my mail.
    I switched the other day from POP to IMAP, and now there are many issues with my folder and so forth. I had 100 mails in my Sent folder, but after the switch I still have 100 mails there, but is has been "put in the Sent folder under my domain", not the regular sent folder. This means, when I send mails it is a "new folder" og not in the one with 100. I have tried to move the 100 mails up in the other folder, but without luck. I just stays, no warning messages or similar.
    The same goes for Trash folder.

    When you create a IMAP account, what are the folder names in Mail? And any idea how to merge them with "previous/webmail" folders?

    Furthermore, if I want to switch from one webhotel to another, how can I move my mails with me!? Because I guess I am switching IMAP provider as well?!

    Please help me, as I am LOST!!

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    Take a look at the 'mailbox behaviors' tab in Mail preferences, as a default they're set to keep the messages on the server. Keeping everything on the server is after all one of the main advantages of IMAP, so you can access your mail from multiple systems.

    You can create new folders on the server by clicking the '+' in the lower left of the mail window, and select the server/folder location from the drop-down box.

    I'm not sure who you're switching to, but my IMAP provider (Fastmail.FM) allow you to do a bulk transfer of your emails to them when you switch to them. If you don't get this option then I would copy the contents of all your IMAP mail folders to local folders, and copy them back when you've got your new IMAP account set up. I managed to drag and drop my old POP based emails up to the server folders with no problem when I switched to IMAP.

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