IMAP, what's the deal?

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  1. s1w macrumors member

    Aug 10, 2008
    Ok, I've setup imap on my 2G iPhone which is working. I've enabled imap in gmail and setup my Mac Mail as imap.

    I still get a download of "unread" emails on my iPhone that have been opened and read on my macbook pro.

    What is the process to not have my iPhone download "read" emails as "unread"?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Click the circular arrow on the bottom of the Mail app on iPhone. In Mail on your MacBook Pro, click the Get Mail button at the top right corner of the Mail window.

  3. s1w thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 10, 2008


    Did you read the original issue? I don't want to get messages showing ad new and "un-read" downloading on my iPhone when I've already read them on my MBP. I want them to show as read so I don't have to open and close each one to have a clear mail icon with no badge telling me I have new messaged that I've already read.

    Make sense?
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    I understood your original question.

    By refreshing your mail, you are connecting to your mail server which contains all your email data, including read and unread statuses. With that said, if there is a new status of a message, you must refresh to obtain that new data from the server.

    Make sense?
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    Aug 10, 2008

    Thanks for replying. Let me explain again and see if it makes sense.

    I read emails on my MBP which is my gmail account running through Mac Mail. Then an hour later I check for mail on my iPhone and the emails I've already read and replied to show up as "new" and "unread".

    I then have to open and close them to have them show as "opened" or "read" mail and not new mail.

    iPhone is imap and Mac Mail is POP.

    Tried to set up imap on Mac Mail and it was a nightmare. It tried to download over 5K emails and locked the app.

    Must be a better way to not dl opened emails as "new" on the iPHone.

    See what the problem is now?
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    Yes, I got everything the first time except that the two aren't both IMAP. If you can't get IMAP set up on your Mac, then try setting up POP on your iPhone.


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