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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by kalaniwavo, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Mar 30, 2012
    Just upgraded to OS Lion and subscribed to Imatch basically to organize my music and replace any low quality tracks I have from when I ripped a ton of CDs using Rhapsody about 10 yrs ago and some Napster purchases that got tagged incorrectly when I uploaded them to Itunes. I have about 5000 songs and would love to correctly tag the music I have and download the high quality track. This way I can accurately see what songs/albums I'm missing in my collection and buy them from Itunes to fill in the gaps. make sense?

    So, I did everything... uploaded and matched everything (about 10hours) and my Itunes collection looks exactly the same. The tracks are still tagged and labeled just like they were before I started. For example, I have 3 very different versions of one paticular song but all three versions show up in the same album and have the same track number. All 3 songs were "matched" and still show up as the same track in the same album.

    I would really love to scrap my collection of mismatched formats and quality and download everything again so its organized (right tracks in the right albums) So far it seems like I'm paying $30 a year just so my music can sit on a server and be available in the "cloud"

    Is there anyway to see what your Imatch collection looks like (versus your actual collection) the 2 should be atleast a little different right? Any help, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Just one more example.. one of my matched songs was labeled in Itunes as the wrong band/album/track before I matched it. Now,its still labeled as the wrong band in Itunes and on my Iphone but its "matched"??? what am I missing?


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