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    Mar 16, 2012
    Having bought a real computer, a Mac Pro, the first Mac after years of Windowing, i am buying Apps, based on trust that they work. To be able to view my movies on my TV through my Samsung BD C5800 i bought iMediaserver, from Alan Smith. I must say all my files sort of appear on the tv screen, so far it works. The thing is that it doesn't play any file, not even a plain MP3. Does anyone have the same experience, or better and positive: is there anyone to give me tips and tricks to get this working?

    Since the files appear listed not he screen i don't think this is a connection issue (the BD player is connected wireless, my mac wired and yes the router is uPNP enabled.

    Help? :confused:
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    I have tried contacting the person who your bought it off of? Is there a website you can go to for some tips etc?

    You are talking about this right?

    I just went to the app store and when I click on the mediaserver support option it takes me to the apple app store section of macrumors. Might want to try there:
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    the one i bought it from

    Well i just can't find any way to reach the one i bought the app from. Yes clicking support gets me to the main page of this forum. Didn't find any other thread so i tried to open one here. Thanks for replying. I opened a new thread in the main page..

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