iMessage.. A potential bill disaster


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Aug 22, 2011
Hey guys,

I really liked Apple's idea of combining SMS with iMessage, but having said that, I just realised that it could be a bill disaster. Just imagine, if the person you are trying to talk to is facing some data issues, and all the iMessages are sent as SMSs.

I am from India and what if i am trying to iMessage someone in a foreign country. And if all my iMessages are sent as SMSs, I will be doomed. Its like 5 Ruppes- Indian Currency- per message. To put things into perspective, 5 Rupees is 10 times the charge of a normal national SMS here. Thats a lot..And specially for students like me. Also, it would be a big waste as there are other free alternatives.

Also, at times we are talking on iMessage because its free. Otherwise, we could easily use whatsapp and other 3rd party services.

This is what I just realised..

Please let me know what you guys fee. Also, I am sure not all countries have unlimited texting plans...


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Aug 22, 2011
Go into Settings/Messages and set 'Send As SMS' to off .
Wont that completely turn my SMS off.. Or only as a failover option???

I would want to send SMS too to people who dont have iPhones.

Edit: Ok got it. It doesnt turn texting off. Just that it doesnt resort to sms when imessage fails. right????



Blue Bubble = iMessage (Free)
Green Bubble = SMS/MMS (not free)

What color are you getting when texting?
I did read about that. If its blue, its iMessage and it its green, its sms. But i Have read about cases when inspite of showing blue bubble, it sends as a sms when the recipient doesnt have data or wifi on.

So how to deal with that???


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Oct 14, 2007
San Jose, Ca
So if it's turned off and the iMessage doesn't go through at all does it just give us a failed exclamation mark?

SMS is supposed to be the failover option if an iMessage doesn't go through within (I think) 2 minutes, turn that off and the other only failover option will be to Turn off iMessage entirely and rely only on SMS.
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