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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by bex206, Nov 10, 2011.

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    I assume there has already been a thread re this but I can't seem to find it, myself and my dad both have an iPad and iPhone 4s all on iOS5, now according to apple etc the iMessage is meant to sync between the devices so you can stop using your phone for example and carry on the same conversation using the iPad and vise versa,

    I can only I message my dad's iPad if I iMessage him to his email address and to his phone if I message his number - in his settings both his email add and mobile number are registaired so is there anyway for these to sync as they are advertised to do so?!

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    You and your dad need to clear all of your conversations, then go to Settings> Message> Receive At> Caller ID and make ID your email (not your number)

    Then when messageing each other, send message to email address (and vice versa), now all conversations should be in sync.
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    You can program each device to receive messages via multiple email addresses as per the comment above. For iPhones, you can also use the number.

    When I text my wife or kids, I use the email address, so it goes to all their devices, including the iPhones.

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