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Nov 18, 2009
South of France
Since i ve updated to iOS7 i m unable to delate an conversation as soon as i reboot the phone the conversation is back and it seems to freeze my iPhone

I m able to delate a few conversation but like 2 or 3 always come back


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Oct 9, 2014
Other Weird stuff happening with Imessage

IMessage weird stuff!!
Have tried to start this as a new post but it won't let me do it!!??
So I am messaging a friend in the US.I then get get a message that has my buddys address but from a friend of mine in Australia.
She tells me that she is getting our conversation!!!!! Couple of days later I get a message from her again but it comes in on my buddys imessage address.
So when she messages me it comes from my friends address every time not hers!
They do not have each other in their address book because they do not know one another!
Anyone else out there having a similar experience??


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Nov 9, 2008
Wtf, this is terrible!

I'm having trouble getting imessage/sms to work properly and based on my experience with imessage everything could happen but your's is just far off.
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