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Jan 2, 2010
Why didn't they just make iMessage the goto messaging app for everything iOS/OSX...just like they did re: video with FaceTime??? Those who still use iChat can carry-on doing so.

As a non-iChat user would've been excellent getting all msgs that way...with an option to freeze related iOS or OSX device notifications if I happen to be using both at the same time and don't want to hear and see duplicate notifications.

Sometimes Apple really surprise me as to their oversights. What they should really do? Offer even PC-users free email addresses and let them FaceTime and iMessage with all us iOS-users, via free software. What will that do? Encourage them MASSIVELY to buy an iOS device so that their messaging needs are met nice and tidily, at the desktop or when out and about.


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Feb 13, 2011
Absolutely! That would be the most incredible feature. It'd add the final touch of full integration. And it also seems so weird that Jobs didnt think of it.

Can someone who has a feedback line to Apple please let them know!


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Feb 24, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Wow...give Apple time. Seeing how this is all suppose to work through iCloud, let Apple get iMessage started as a simple IM for iOS devices. I would not be surprised at all if and when it reaches OS X. I could see it being in one of the Lion OS updates. With that said, I really hope Apple does something with iChat. It feels like a dead app. People either use the native app or a multi-IM app. Hopefully Apple can try to tie iChat into the cloud/iOS or something.


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Jun 20, 2010
Twin Cities
Not on OSX right now. Give it some time like Face time.


they probably have thought of it but based on the fact that they blindsided the carriers with this they're probably waiting for their reaction before they take it one step further. I really hope they add it to Lion though. It would be a killer feature to have


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Sep 4, 2010
May be possible on release or soon after

Hidden away in the full feature list For lion is service plugins for iChat. My understanding is te possibility to finally have almost native msn messenger support in iChat. Currently I am running jabber server.

Anyway I wouldn't be surprised to see an iMessage plugin for iChat. I would personally prefer that to a separate application.


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Jan 15, 2010
Vienna | Austria
just tweeted the same thing. why can't apple just combine all of those technologies into one big iChat-masterclient?
Actually, Apple wouldn't be Apple, if the haven't allready considered to do something like that, so I guess, there actually is some reason/strategy.
maybe they just dont't want to use iChat anymore, which would be quite sad.
That feels really strange to me and I really hope, they find a nice solution with upcoming announcements.


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May 11, 2010
i can see them integrating imessage and facetime into one app. right now, you can put down your iphone, pick up your ipad / ipod, and continue your imessage conversations. seems the next logical step is to add the functionality to osx. all these new features are in beta still anyway, so why not wait and see, instead of getting all pissed off prematurely. like was mentioned, facetime went cross platform after a short while.


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Sep 4, 2010
maybe they just dont't want to use iChat anymore, which would be quite sad.

i wouldn't write off iChat just yet. The problem with im protocols and social networks etc is that you do not choose yourself which to use, the choice is made for you based upon what your friends and family already use. It would be easy to set up an apple id and log in to iChat but if you have an empty buddy list whats the point.

with iChat gaining support for yahoo messenger natively and plugins for other im protocols i can imagine it being THE chat application to use on ios. in fact why not integrate facetime into iChat?
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