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  1. Abso macrumors newbie

    Apr 11, 2011

    I've been trying to use iMessage on my iPad 2. I've been using it fine with iPhone, I can text my contacts normally, however, when I try to use on the iPad it wont allow me to text and would say the contact doesn't appear to have imessage.

    My friend was having the same problem and he found that it could be solved by using the the full number with the country code even for numbers in the same location and network.

    The problem is now for me I need to add country code to all my contacts, and on the other hand when my friend did just that, his iPhone caller ID started acting up as the number shows without country code if both on same network and the iPhone doesn't recognize the number with country code which is saved in contacts is the same as the one calling which is without the code in it.

    So if I'm to put country code in my contacts the caller ID will not work properly on my iPhone, if I don't put it the iMessage won't work properly on my iPad.

    Is there a way around this ?:confused:

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    Use the email address, or wait, until your friend writes you a message and the notification pops up on your iPad...
    Then just answer from your iPad and the contact is in the 'iMessage-list'

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