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Oct 7, 2002
My fiancé just upgraded her Droid to a new iPhone 4s! I have had my 4s since launch. Yesterday we were able to use iMessage by just texting each other like usual. Starting first thing this morning though it switched back to text messages. I tried turning iMessage off and back on on my phone and had her do the same on hers. Didn't fix it. Then we did the same thing and restarted the phones and when I texted her it was back to iMessage. I thought everything was great. When she replied a while later though it was back to text message and has been that way since. Any ideas? We would like to be able to lower our texting plans since we usually text each other the most.

Thanks for your help!



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Mar 20, 2012
I've been able to force my iPhone into going text-only by disabling cellular data, and then it hops right back into iMessage once I switch cellular data back on.

Have you also disabled send as text? It wouldn't keep either or both iPhones in iMessage, but it would certainly help cut down on the number of texts in case an iMessage doesn't go through.

Also, I've noticed that if there's a poor data connection, iPhones will simply default back to text mode.


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Jul 6, 2011
CA Central Coast
In iMessage settings, try this...

In "Messages > receive at", both of you list your phone number as your primary contact and add your email(-s) as secondary contacts. This way, you should cut down the number of SMS default messages, even with "Send As SMS" turned on.


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Apr 19, 2011
It's happened to me once or twice. Don't know the reason. Don't think it's anything to worry about - it always switched back to iMessage.


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Dec 16, 2010
Fast question lest say you are out of cell range but have wifi and lets say someone on an iPhone who only has your phone number sends you a message normally if I have cell reception and 3G or wifi it works but what if it's only wifi do they need your email address? Just wondering because this is bugging me and it's hard for people to know when I am out of range which happens a lot and I will only have wifi. And namely there really is only one person I really text to and in the past it was not un heard of for me to send/receive 8,000 messages and with I messenger my SMS was cut down to like 3,000 because I only used iMessage when on wifi (I don't have unlimited data but do have unlimited texting so you get the point).

Edit iMessage hasn't been working for me period for the last week don't know why don't matter if on 3G or wifi so I am at a lose and this sucks because I live in an area with really really really bad cell reception but I have good Internet..........
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