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    I have a question about iMessage that I searched for and was unsuccessful. I have been using iMessage since it came out on my iPhone and have had no issues. I recently got an iPad however and would like to have my chats synced, which I know requires iMessaging using the email address and not the phone number on the iphone.

    My question is this and probably a stupid one. If someone were to iMessage my email address, and iMessage for whatever reason, was unavailable, would I still receive the message as an SMS on my iPhone? I know this currently works for me, but people are messaging my phone number and not my email address at the moment. Before I start telling people to message my email address, I want to make sure I'll still get the message as an SMS to my iPhone if iMessage is not working.

    Thank you
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    Sending texts via iMessage or SMS is an selection process automatically done by the iDevice's Messaging app. It checks to see if another iDevice is on the other end as soon as an email address or phone number is entered in the "To" line. So, if someone sends you a text, it will arrive at your iPhone (or iPad) depending on what's available.

    For the iPhone, to make sure you get iMessages consistently, you need to have all your send and receipt options available. In Settings > Messages > "Receive at" ...have your phone number as the primary "Receive at." BUT ALSO have your email(-s) listed. iMessaging will use whichever is available on an iDevice-to-iDevice text.

    So, to answer your question, giving out your phone number as your text-message contact is probably the best bet. That way, you won't have to worry if the other person is using an iDevice. (PS - No such thing as a stupid question!) If you know the other person is using only an iPad to iMessage, then the email address is appropriate.

    Only iDevices will use iMessage. Other devices will text via regular SMS to a phone number (and these won't sync with your iPad, which is limited to email).

    BTW- Also, you should have Send as SMS "on" as well as MMS Messaging and Group Messaging in the iMessage settings.
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    Thanks for the response. I think my original post was a little confusing however. Let me try to reword this:

    I have a few friends that I message regularly with my iphone that are also using iPhones. So with them, iMessage is being used. I just got an iPad that I would like to add into the equation.

    I would like to ask these specific people to message my email address instead of my phone number so the iMessages will be in sync with my iPad as well. If these people message my email addresss and iMessage isn't available for whatever reason, will I still get the SMS to my phone? Even though they messaged my email address and not my phone number. I know the iPad wouldn't be able to receive the SMS message.

    I hope this is clearer. Thanks again.

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