imessage screen goes blank and freezes - wife not happy!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by CarsonS, May 13, 2013.

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    My wife has had an ipod touch for a couple of years and has never had any problems with imessage until we she got an iphone 4s. The imessage on the phone would go blank and lock up - I was able to fix that problem by restoring with itunes (so far so good) - now her trusty ipod is doing the same thing - but I can't fix - I have tried EVERYTHING. Sometimes after a reset I will see a text from my son with a bunch of ant symbols that he sent a few months ago from my phone, but can't open it - very wierd. Her iphone and ipod are on the same apple account. I got an iphone 4s at the same time and never have had any problems - it used to be on the same account but now is on a different one. Could it be problems coming from her account? Is the text my son sent a few months ago with all the ant symbols screwing things up? (how do I get rid of it - just incase?) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wife is ready to throw both out the window.
    Thanks much
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    If the ant symbols are emoji symbols then that could be causing the problem. Old slow devices that receive long emoji filled messages are likely lock up the messages app for idk how long.

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    Thanks - they were emoji symbols - lots I think - How do I get rid of that old text?

    - Don't think it can be a bad apple account as I switched the ipod to my apple account and it didn't change anything.
  4. CarsonS, May 14, 2013
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    Dec 4, 2008
    It must be that text with the ants that my son sent - I reset the ipod with itunes and put my apple account in first - everything is fine. - How do I clean off that email from my wife's account?
    Thanks much

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