imessage sending through my email and cant send by my nbr, any help!

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  1. pomponaya1 macrumors newbie

    Feb 3, 2013
    Hi everyone, i just upgrade from 4 to 4s and i was using imessage through my number but when i upgrade and restored my iphone imessage are only sending through my email.

    i'm from Egypt

    When i click Send and Receive, My email shows up, bolded with a check mark, and my phone number also shows up, but is faded, and i cant choose it.
    when i login to apple ID on "Message > imeesage > use ur apple ID for Imessage" i cant found my location (Egypt) between the counteris.

    I have tried logging out of my Apple ID, to see if my number would bold itself , but thats dosent help. if i unregister my email it says "waiting for activation" and then "activation unsuccessful." i've tried turning my phone off, making sure my phone number is listed under "mobile numbers" through my Apple ID, and i've tried logging out of my Apple ID.
    i tried also to check my number through view ur account and "my infos" to be correct !
    it was working good at iphone4 so i wonder whats happend ?!!!!
    also i treid to restore my new iphone without login to apple id and use it as new iphone but nothing happend
    Can anyone help me solve this problem?! it is driving me crazy!

    I can either send an iMessage through my email, or just send a regular SMS through my number.
    Anyone have any idea

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