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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by itsmilo, Jan 19, 2019.

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    i cannot believe how hard it seems to be but I just want to get rid of each and every iMessage attachment. However this seems to be an impossible task.

    I used to have iCloud Messages enabled but that seemed to be even worse with storage so I deactivated it recently.

    Once I deactivated it, it told me it would download each file to the device. However when I go to iPhone space > iMessage > Images it is telling me for example

    Conversation: 700 mb I click on it: 100 mb

    Photos: 21 mb I click on it: 120 kB (one image)

    yet it says the total space used by iMessage is over 2 GB ???

    YET when I go into my messages from the Messages app itself and look at the attachments of each conversations there are LOTS of images I have to select one by one to delete!

    I don’t get it ....
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    An example from iMessage itself which doesn’t appear within the settings itself

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    Dude, I'm having the exact same issues and I desperately want a fix. My phone is telling me that I have only 284 MB of space used for iMessage. When I turn on iMessage in the Cloud, my iCloud spaced used for messages balloons up to 1.6GB! I have deleted everything and still 1.6GB!

    I called AppleCare and they were no help. The girl I talked to told me she didn't have enough information and that a fix would probably come in a future update. It's been two months since that call and still, I'm having the same issue. I've waited well over 30 days after disabling and deleting thinking that my old messages would be gone but when I went and turn iMessage in the Cloud back on I got the same number.

    I don't know where are this data is coming from. I only have two devices sharing iMessage, one Mac and one phone. I cleared the Mac messages before I turned it back on so that it would hopefully just sync the messages from my phone (which it did) but that made no change. If anyone else is experiencing this issue or has a fix, please post!
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