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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roadkill401, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Jan 11, 2015
    Right now I am the black sheep inside the family as I have an LG-G3 running android 6.

    On paper, it is as good as the current iPhone6s pus with some features like a better camera, higher res screen, faster processor. I own an iMac and an iPad, but never really saw the reason to pay the incredible +$500 premium to get an iphone.

    But there are two features that I am missing. The Find My Friend (wife and daughter) function would be nice to have. I have carried my large iPad around with me shopping so they can go off and do thier thing and I can find them later. it would be nice to have that in just a smaller phone.

    The real issue is the SMS vs iMessage. Or how to get it to play nice with Andriod and provide a service that works reliably. My wife has an iPhone 5c and my daughter an 5s. both running IOS9.3.x now

    If my wife tried to send me a message using her contacts app, then it will launch iMessage and send a message to my iPad/iMac and never make it to my andriod phone. even is she chooses the icon around the phone number. The message is sent out via DATA and not SMS and it uses up some of the phones data plan. Rather bad if sending a photograph.

    if I use my andriod phone to send her an SMS message, it goes into iMessage and works perfectly. She has about 2-3 hours to respond back and the message will get back to me just as long as it's only text. if she sends a photograph, it gets lost. (My phone sends and recieves photo's perfectly fine from any other phone other than iPhones). so I know it's not my phone or my carrier. If she resonds back after that window, the message goes out into the ether never to be seen but the phone says delivered.

    She can message perfectly fine with my daugter who also has an iPhone too, and it's hard to say if it's sending it via SMS or data. I think it chooses as my phone plan will let me know how many SMS message have been send (I have unlimited) and there are in any day an odd number, as in she might have send 30 messages via iMessage, but the phone company only shows 19. Of that amount, 10 would have been sent to me, and the other 20 to my daughter, of which only 9 were send via actual SMS and the rest via DATA.

    As apple uses one app to do all things, how do you control how that data is being send? To muddy waters, you have a phone that can send data via the LTE connection or via WiFi. Now I would understand if it prioritises wifi over LTE but how does SMS fit into the picture. I can understand that it has no choice but to send messages to a recipient who has no apple id and an SMS phone number. But what about apple users who do not have an iPhone but have an apple id and an andriod phone.
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    iMessage is an iOS to iOS feature and shouldn't really mess with you like this. Ensure the apples message settings allow for SMS and MMS messages like the pic

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