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Aug 14, 2011
I am having problems with the syncing of iMessages between my iPad and iPhone. Before I explain I will start by saying that I have both devices Caller ID set to my apple ID email.
The main problem is that people say when I message them from my iPad, it shows as a different conversation to them, even though on both of my devices the messages appear to be synced up. This is particularly a problem when it comes to group chats as it can get very confusing for the other participants, as if I swap from iPhone to iPad, the conversation then contiunes for them as a seperate group message, even though for me it is all happening in the one synced up group chat.
The other problem is that if I conversation is initiated from someone else and not started by me, I only recieve the message/s on one of my devices (usually the phone) and the conversation will only start to sync up correctly if I then go to the iPad and continue the conversation from there.
It makes the whole experience very confusing, especially for other people and basically renders group chats unusable. Is their any solution to these problems as I believe I have everything set up correctly, am I doing something wrong or is this just a flaw in the program?


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Jun 5, 2012
iMessage syncing issue:

I'm surprised that you guys are able to sync your iMessage from your iPhone to iPad. I have an iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd gen, wifi only) and I tried to use my gmail address as the call ID. My iPhone and iPad iMessage synced maybe 10% of the time. I created a @me.com and switched my caller ID to the me.com email and the iMessage sync was perfect for about 3 days.

After three days of my iMessage syncing perfectly, none of my messages are getting synced. Any suggestions?


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Jan 18, 2008
Hawaii, USA
I wrote this in another thread, but it seems appropriate here as well:

I use my iPhone, iPad, and computer (with Messages beta) for iMessage, but began to experience split conversations with people. The problem was that the iPad and computer were using one email address as their "Caller ID" (that's what it's termed in the settings for all devices), while my phone was using my phone number. All devices have the same email address to "receive at" but messages from the phone were fragmenting and weren't always syncing to my computer and iPad.

Changing the phone's message "caller ID" to the email address seems to have resolved that issue. Note that the phone had to be rebooted after changing the "caller ID" before it worked flawlessly.

The disappointing thing is that even though some of my contacts have both my phone number and email address associated with my contact information, it didn't combine the conversations. I'm not sure that all of my contacts had my email address entered before the conversations split, though.
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