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    Dec 13, 2010
    Hello everyone, I have been using the iOS 5 beta and its really good. Three of my friends also have the beta and we have been using iMessage and loving it. It does all the basics perfectly from the delivered and read receipts, to use of it on yr iPad and yr iPhone simultaneously. It comes through on both devices but once you check it on one the notification disappears off the other device. I was just wondering if any of you guys have used it and what are your opinions on it and and what could be added to improve it? I think it works really well, its just a bit feature light at the moment. Personally I would like to see status, proper profile pictures just to make it feel a bit more social. As much as I don't rate blackberry phones they currently do have the best phone to phone instant messenger so what good features does it have that apple should also implement into iMessage? I have no doubt that apple will improve it after iOS 5's release, it works fine now. They have a lot more pressing things to worry about at the moment like the whole operating system, iCloud, OS X Lion and the new iPhone. I think it will be improved after all of these are released I just wanted to her other peoples opinions on iMessage... Hopefully they will bring out a desktop client for it toooo :cool: Mac and Windows :rolleyes:
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    it looks like it may be integrated into iChat according to an article a month or so ago.

    there's already a few threads discussing iMessage, so there's already suggestions in those, mighta been worth posting the question in there after reading them :)

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