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    May 29, 2001
    Just read the following on MOSR! Might be an interesting feature, though it will be heard to localize it. And we all now that localizing is an integral part of Apples Software Politics. But read yourself:

    Reader Anthony Duff wrote in with this interesting Future Feature:
    Answering Machine/Message Bank software for Mac OS.
    iMessage uses your modem to answer incoming calls, and enables callers to leave a message after listening to your prerecorded greeting. iMessage can also be configured to present callers with recorded menu's, either to navigate through an information service, access one of multiple mail boxes which can be set up for employees or family members to securely access voice mail, or allow them to enter in information, such as their telephone number, for fax back of documents.
    iMessage will also allow users to dial in remotely and securely access waiting voicemail messages, or if their Macintosh is connected to the Internet, can e-mail voicemail on in any recording format, such as MP3, and send to a nominated e-mail address immediately, at predefined intervals, or when certain conditions occur, for instance when the caller is given a menu to choose a messages urgency and marks it as urgent, when the message comes from a certain phone number (if caller id is used), or if the amount of waiting message reaches a certain number.
    Summary :
    I think this would be an incredibly useful piece of software. Software such as this exists and has been bundled with modems in the past, but hasn't been very good or complete, so such a piece of software couldn't be too hard to program, but could improve on previous software dramatically. This would go a long way in promoting Apples "digital hub", or "connected household" (as Billl Gates likes to call it).
    Apple is already looking at using the name "iMessenger" for its All-In-One integrated instant messaging application that will connect to virtually all of the major IM and chat networks (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, IRC, etc.)....but otherwise, this is an intriguing idea for a future Apple application -- and one that may well come true if certain people in Cupertino have anything to say about it.

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    May 14, 2001
    Kobe, Japan
    I'd use it!!! It sounds like it would be really great. It would also look really good with an aqua interface!

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