iMessages truncating display of sent messages?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by mkstewartesq@co, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I have not seen this mentioned in any thread yet, but is anyone experiencing the following bug in messages in Beta 2?

    This has occurred both on my iPhone 5 and my iPad 3. When sending a message that is longer than eight or 10 lines, the message will send it just fine. However, in iMessages, it will only show the first line or so in my outbox. This cannot be expanded and you cannot see the rest of the message that you sent. See attached.

    I tried sending a test message to myself up about 10 lines. In my outbox, the message was truncated as shown. In my inbox, so to speak, the whole message was received, but I cannot read the whole message, as it will not allow me to scroll down all the way to the end. The gray word balloon that would normally contain the whole message is only one line long, so the whole message is there but all of the first line are displayed as being outside of the gray word balloon.

    Anyone else?


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