iPad mini iMessages Weirdness


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Jan 15, 2018
Korat, Thailand
Last night I wanted to send an iMessage to my daughter via my iPad to let her know we were home from a dive trip. After I sent the message I noticed it was green instead of blue. Scrolling back, I found that all previous iMessages to her were colored green. Then I accidentally clicked on a conversation with MALLGROUP (advertising) but instead of showing messages from them, it showed the conversation with my brother-in-law. At that I decided that a reboot was a good idea.

After the reboot I got the "Welcome to iMessage" splash screen with an invitation to log in with my Apple ID and select a picture and name to go along with my account. It's as if I'd never used iMessage with my years old iPad.

Then I glanced at my Apple Watch to get the time. It had a message asking me to log in with my Apple ID, but the ID shown was that of my wife, not mine.

Then I logged in to my iMac and was informed that my phone number was being used for FaceTime with a new iPad.

Things seem to be back to normal now, but it was a disturbing set of circumstances.