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Aug 30, 2011
imonster is fantastic. They're everywhere. There're special imonsters at mysterious area. They have gorgeous look and scary power. Some of them can even evolve into 7 kinds of forms. Many people want them,but it's not easy. It is said they only appear 7 days in 1000 years.

imonsters are born from eggs. They grow through fighting with other imonsters, and evolve when they got more power. After that, not only their looks and power will develop, they can also learn more powerful skills.

imonsters have 17 kinds of statuses, including fire, water, grass, electricity and so on. Most of them only have one status, but some have 2. Different statuses will affect fighting result. You have to learn how to make use of them.

imonsters have their own features, which make them unique. Different imonsters may have the same features.

There's no NPC here. Everyone is from different place that get together in this imonster world and share the joy of hunt, collect and train imonsters. They try to train the best imonsters and win the game--you are the best imonster trainer!

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