imovie 06 exports garbled frames

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by swingerofbirch, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I'm exporting a short movie I made with iMovie 06. It consists only of photos taken with photobooth and video shot with isight through imovie to make a sort of stylish music video type thing. i did use a lot of effects and transitions in it if that makes a difference.

    from imovie, it plays beautifully. however, i have tried exporting it to MP4 with some of the default output settings and with my own expert settings. When it exports it first says one minute remaining then jumps up to a high number, then toward the end it suddenly stops and there is a "ping." when i open the file in quicktime some of the frames at the beginning a scrambled gray. See attached image.

    Thanks if you have any ideas.

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    Hmm.. try and reset your plist files in iMovie.. and if your mac has a DVD burner.. maybe export it to iDVD and see what happens, if its still fine try to burn the dvd and then play the DVD back, if its fine, reimport the DVD video using handbrake...
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    In searching for something else, I came across this Apple document regarding this issue. Thought I'd post it for those finding this thread first.

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