iMovie 08 Error Code -2002

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by cokeacola, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. cokeacola macrumors member

    Nov 10, 2006
    Dundee Scotland
    whilst trying to export a movie using the option "export using quicktime"
    i get the error code -2002

    having just updated to the very latest version of iMovie 08 7.1.4 the error still persists.

    anyone else having this problem ? :(
  2. grooovyrogue macrumors newbie

    Aug 20, 2008
    I am having the same problem, but only when exporting using quicktime to Mp4.

    What kind of camera do you have? I have a Canon HV20. I know that there have been compatability issues with Final cut and that camera, so maybe its the same issue... very frustrating....
  3. sickmacdoc macrumors 68020


    Jun 14, 2008
    New Hampshire
    Doing a little research on that problem turned up that -2002 indicates that the movie file is corrupt according to the Apple Developer Connection- technically named badPublicMovieAtom. You can see it in the QT Toolbox errors list at

    Doing a google search on the technical name yields a lot more results so you might want to start there as I have to run and can't do anymore searching right now :(
  4. grooovyrogue macrumors newbie

    Aug 20, 2008
    I just got back from a sit down at the genius bar at the apple store and through a series of tests, we discovered that is is a software issue with the sound. We found that when "sharing/exporting" with the sound off while using quicktime, we would get this error. A work-around would be to reduce the volume to 0 in the movie project and export with the sound on. For those of you who are experiencing this problem, please also report it to apple for the next update. the more the merrier... :D
  5. gaberodriguez17 macrumors newbie

    Nov 21, 2008
    How do we import with sound on but reduce the volume to 0. What i did is i went to the audio edit part and turned volume all the way down to 0 but didnt give me an option to import with sound when i export to mp4 quicktime. I still tried it with the sound turned down it still gave me error code.
  6. CmactalkAust macrumors newbie

    Oct 28, 2010
    Confirm problem -2002 error iMovie 08

    Just confirming, found this problem recently also.

    Only occurs with export in .mp4 format, only with export via Quicktime, and only where there is a sound file in the movie.

    Changing format of sound file makes no difference. (eg .mp3 to .aac files)

    I understand that iMovie '09 does not encounter this export problem. This perhaps should be confirmed by others.

    Can not comment/confirm problem is Quicktime, but it makes sense.

    If it is Quicktime, it would be good to establish if it is only with the latest update Happens for me with Quicktime 7.6.6.

    Can anyone confirm if this problem occurs for earlier versions of (old) Quicktime??

    If not, then going back one update (if that is possible) may be a work around. Newer Quicktime X is a work around for those on OSX 10.6. (And you will also have later version of iMovie so you will likely not meet this problem.)

    Have raised with Apple technical support, and hopefully later today will post to Apple/feedback.

    I note if iMovie '08 produces this problem, but not iMovie '09, perhaps apple can come up with a work around or fix with either iMovie '08 or (older) Quicktime.

    I note also that when I have sent mp4 movie files, HD definition, they have not been readable on Windows machines (any of them). Frustrating. I a wondering if this was a cousin problem of this one in the export file. I have yet to find the best "export to windows environment" settings in iMovie for mp4 format.

    Hope all this contributes.

  7. CmactalkAust macrumors newbie

    Oct 28, 2010
    possible resolution of -2002 error - fail!

    This error was not resolved with an upgrade to 10.6 and export via Quicktime X (new quicktime version in OSX 6)
  8. CmactalkAust macrumors newbie

    Oct 28, 2010
    Further info re iMovie -2002 error

    I have spoken with Apple support. They have reproduced and confirmed this as a problem with iMovie '08 when exporting with Quicktime.

    I have confirmed that an upgrade to iLife'11 does resolve this problem, but this needs OS 10.6.3 or higher to run, and hence is not necessarily an option for all users of iLife '08.

    Upgrade to iLife '09 likely also resolves this problem, but I have not been able to confirm this personally, and with the release of iLIfe '11, hard to get a copy now.

    Outside of these options there appears no work around to export an HD movie (eg 1280 x 720), with sound, in .mp4 format with iMovie. It is only this combination for export that is affected.

    I found this combination is of value if I have a presentation with diagrams or graphs (clarity with detail important), and I want a format that is widely accessible to most users whatever their OS (eg sending to govt depts with Windows users who may not have the authority to just download Quicktime player on their work machines).

    Having raised it, I have requested this fault be followed through so my understanding is that an update to resolve this issue may be released (either for Quicktime or iMovie '08) - for those Mac users unable to upgrade. So look out for an update for one of these before the end of 2010, or early 2011.

    If this post proves of value to you, please leave a post so I know the effort to follow through was appropriate to resolve this issue with :apple: Apple.

    I thank the apple people I spoke with for their efforts also.


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