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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by stevol, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. stevol macrumors member

    Apr 20, 2008

    Like many of us nowadays, I own an AVCHD camcorder which works very well with iMovie other than the fact that the AIC files that iMovie creates are huge. This has prompted me to dedicate a firewire 800 external hard drive just for these files. I have my project files on my iMac internal hard drive, and the event files on my external firewire drive. All is fine and dandy, however I am wondering how to backup this external drive knowing that drives don't last forever.

    My biggest concern is not only how to back it up, but really will a restore on a new drive actually work? The reason I ask is that the iMovie project files have instructions to point to the specific event files on the external drive. But if the external drive dies and a new one replaces it, how will the project files know where to point to? Would an exact clone of the original drive work (such as with SuperDuper)? Would it need to be given the same name as the original drive? What about a Time Machine restore on a new drive? Would that work, and if so, does the new drive also need the same name? Does the clone or new drive need to be Firewire 800 (same as my original) for iMovie to think it's the same? And if I want to buy a bigger drive at some point, I suppose I would need to migrate the event files from within iMovie, rather than through the Finder, right? I believe iMovie does this well, but if you go through the Finder, you're in trouble with iMovie?

    I have backed up my original SD cards from the camcorder separately as disk images, but I would not want to have to reimport all the footage and then recreate all my projects (last resort)!

    Thanks in advance. I hope I made myself clear.
  2. WayneH1 macrumors member

    Apr 28, 2010
    This is worth testing. I THINK (not sure) that if an event is "missing", iMovie will give you an opportunity to reconnect to it. If that's true, then your worst case is having to reconnect the events to the projects. Maybe annoying but not too bad.
    I can only tell you my gut opinion; this would almost certainly work. I do not believe there is anything other than the right path to worry about (ie. not the drive details, just its name).
    I was going to say that while TM is great, it's not really the best for making an archive. But if it would backup one external drive onto another (not sure about that), it would be a convenient way to keep your events folder backed up. The backup would NOT need the same name, in fact that might cause confusion.
    Finally one I'm sure of: This is no problem. iMovie looks at a hard drive for the iMovie Projects and iMovie Events folders. If you attach (even hot swap) an external with these folders present, they'll pop up in the iMovie browser. You can create these folders yourself and move stuff around at the Finder level. I'm not 100% sure what happens with updating thumbnails, if you've actually changed the contents of those folders (rather than moving an entire folder from one drive to another). iMovie might go ahead and rebuild the thumbnails if it sees it needs to. You might have to delete the "old" thumbnails to trigger that process. Again worth an experiment if you need to alter the contents of the Events folder.

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