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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by tdmac, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Feb 9, 2008
    I created my first ever project in imovie. This was a recap of my kids soccer team this season. Its a slideshow type movie with music and a little bit of video at the end. Most of the transitions were auto created in imovie. Most of the slides also have the ken burns effect as well, except for the ones that are closeups of a player and thus cropping or ken burns wouldn't show enough detail. This was created in widescreen and when I finished the project I choose to share it with itunes, since I wanted to play this through my ATV to a group of people with my HD projector. It looked great.

    Many people asked for a copy so I figure I can easily share the project with idvd and make a dvd copy. I did this and tested it on my TV and the quality isn't great. There are alot of jaggies around the logo on the shirts and the around the edges on slides that had text. It looked perfect via itunes. Is there a way to make this look better or am I doing something wrong? Need to get some copies out by this weekend.
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    Feb 9, 2008
    Well I see no responses but I played around with this more last night. I even tried using the professional settings. While this may have halped improve the artifacts & jaggies a little more on the photo's it still was distracting. Also, the sound was totally messed up and distorted.

    However, on the brighter side, I did manage to get this to transfer to DVD perfect but in a round about way.

    Instead of going from imovie and choosing to send to idvd, I went directly into idvd and created a new project and then dropped the mp4 version from my itunes library into idvd. I knew the itunes formated mp4 I made at the largest pic quality played perfect on my TV so I gave it a shot. I burnt it on the high quality settings and I checked it briefly and it seems that the quality is the same. No jaggies, No aparent artifacts, no halo's around text in certain sides and perfect audio. I will go through it more when I get home but I think probelm solved.

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