iMovie '09: Ken Burns on Video--MISSING.

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    Jul 6, 2009
    I have read several places that I should be able to use Ken Burns on video clips in iMovie '09. I purchased my Macbook Pro with iLife 09 about one month ago, but I don't seem to have this effect. When I click on a clip, I only have the option to Fit or Crop or rotate. In every tutorial I've seen, the Ken Burns button is directly next to the crop button. What am I missing?

    Thank you!!
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    iMove 9 - Ken Burns Effect

    You made me look.
    Yes it is there.
    I had to load a clip cut from a project to see it's function.
    Possible your not fully up to date on iMovie, and or 10.5.7.

    The tool bar between upper and lower viewer has the icon as a crop symbol.
    Click on it while video clip is selected to see it in edit panel in upper right.

    This works if video sample is loaded in lower project panel.

    Also note, stabilization software is also a feature when I clicked on sample clips in upper left viewer.

    There are many more features hidden in iMovie 9.

    Better Yet, see these

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