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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by VanMac, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Putting together a little movie for a friend. Second time doing this, so still learning.

    1. As I end off the movie, I've inserted an audio track from iTunes. This is a song I've purchased.....will this work ok?

    2. At the end of movie, the audio track goes longer then the movie. How can I have just a title screen with some text on it stay until the audio track ends.

    3. To go 'one up' on question 2, it would be nice to take some 'snapshots' of scenes in the movie, and have them play as a slideshow until audio track ended. Is this possible.... Can I take a 'photo' from a video clip, or a number of 'photos', and have them cycle through as a slide show until audio track is done?

    Thanks in advance
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    Jan 28, 2006
    1) Yes. I've burned home-made DVDs from iDVD (from an iMovie) and the song works just fine. If for some reason it doesn't, you can buy Audio Hijack ($25.00) and "hijack" the song while you're listening to it in iTunes and it'll save off as a music file - then you could import it into iMovie and use it instead.

    2) Yes. You can either fade the music down (there's a little purple bar in the clip editor at the bottom of the screen that you can click & drag to lower the music or fade it out) OR you can add a title transition by going into the Editing button near the bottom right of the screen then clicking the Titles button near the top right of the screen. Then just click & drag the title you want to use to the end of your movie to add some text.

    3) What I have done in the past for this is to click on the block of the movie clip you've imported, play it to the point you want to use as a picture then go to Edit -> Create Still Frame. Then just copy the new still frame and move it to the end of your movie over the music you're trying to fill.

    Hope this helps - lots of iMovie trials-and-errors here.

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