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    May 15, 2009
    I recorded bunch of video with iPhone 3GS and then edited a 12min quicktime movie from the clips. Problem is that the file size became HUGE, 1,24GB!!! :eek::confused:

    How can it become so large file? Even one of the raw clips was 15min and 399MB.

    I just wanted to export the movie (with quicktime) to my Mac with the same quality as the iPhone recording quality. Here´s the quicktime export settings details that I exported the movie:

    -Compression type: H.264
    -Frame Rate: Current
    -Key Frames: All
    -Compressor quality: Best
    -Encoding: Best quality
    -Data rate: Automatic

    Filter: None

    -Dimensions: Current 640 x 480

    -Format: Linear PCM
    -Channels: Stereo (L R)
    -Rate: 48.000kHz
    -Render settings: Best
    -Sample size: 16-bit
    -Little Endian
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