iMovie disabled by PCI card

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by No4mk2, Aug 10, 2008.

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    May 31, 2008
    Hell (New Jersey)
    I have a G5 Dual 2.7 with a Radeon x800xt agp card for my main display and a Radeon 9200 pci card for a second display.
    With the 9200 installed iMovie gives me a message that, "one or more of your graphics cards does not support Quartz Extreme" and then it gives me no option but to quit. iMovie HD launches with about the same message but allows me to continue saying that certain abilities may be disabled. As far as I know there are no pci cards that support QE.

    There is nothing in the iMovie specifications indicating that I should be having this experience. The only requirement listed is a Quartz Extreme compatible agp card, which I have. There's nothing about additional cards disabling any of ilife 08s features. I should mention that I also have a video capture card that disables the app. as well.

    It seems a poor application anyway when I pull the 9200 out, but I did pay for it so I'm getting angry.

    My question is: Does anyone else have a pci card installed and has been able to get iMovie (now 7.1.4) to work?

    And as I've been dealt by Apple rather contemptuously on this, does anyone think I have the basis for a law suit?

    And, just in passing, because someone has their signature set to say the opposite, if Snow Leopard doesn't run on my G5 I'm through with Apple products forever.
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    Mar 23, 2005
    Many moons ago there was the PCI bus and the wonderful Power Mac G3. There was also PCI Extreme! to enable Quartz Extreme on a compatible PCI based video card. Sadly it disabled AGP Quartz Extreme support and it only worked up until 10.4.3

    Wait what? I'm getting old...

    Yeah you're going to need to ditch the PCI based video card to run certain applications that just WANT Quartz Extreme even if your primary card supports it.
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    May 31, 2008
    Hell (New Jersey)

    The other card that disables iMovie is just a pci tv tuner. Does every kind of pci card now disable some Mac apps.?

    And I have Final Cut Express. How can I be sure that that too isn't disabled in some way? It does seem a little buggy sometimes. And if FCE isn't affected, surely Apple has the technology to make it's other apps immune as well.

    Something is fishy here... Surely ATI/AMD and Nvidea have a stake in this.

    When something like this happens you have to wonder. Will we find out one day when we hook up multiple external drives, a usb and a firewire, that Time Machine no longer works? Or a mouse disables contextual menus?

    This isn't right, and I'm tired of Apple not doing right by the customers who made the freaking company the success it is today. I think the language in a lawsuit is the only kind they can hear or understand now. If I don't get my money back for a quarter of the price of iLife 08 I'm going to sue it for all I can. Of course if they merely got back to me after sending numerous bug reports on this I would be a calmer camper. But the "new" Apple doesn't do things like that anymore. No profit in it I guess.

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