iMovie, external DVD burner, PB 867

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  1. jung_offender macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2004
    I need to make a little movie to send to Canada (DVD zone 1) and would like some advice on a DVD burner to buy. The Apple website has the LaCie 16x d2 DVD±RW Double Layer burner with Toast 6 Titanium for £149, which I have read is a good burner (I know, it is expensive compared to the dollar). The question is, if I put together the clips in iMovie, can I select the zone for the clip to be played in, or is it even a factor (ie: do I need to specify zone 1 instead of zone 2, and can I swap this back and forth for making DVDs to play here in England)?

    Is it as simple as importing the clips through iMovie, piecing it all together, saving it on my powerbook's hard drive, then dragging the file into Toast to use the burner? Are there any other potential problems I should keep in mind?

    Thanks, Brad

    Powerbook G4 867MHz
  2. ChrisFromCanada macrumors 65816


    May 3, 2004
    Hamilton, Ontario (CANADA)
    You don't need to specify region in iMovie. Your buring program is where you need to worry about that. Correct me if I am wrong but by default toast burns as a region 0 which will play anywhere.

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