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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Bloo Ice, Jun 20, 2005.

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    Hi. I'm gonna get a mac next year, and plan on using iMovie until I can get something better. My question, what are some of the more advanced features of it? I've used it before, but that was just to add titles and transitions, and only used it for about 2 hours at most. I've used Windows Movie Maker, and my biggest gripe is the cropping and trimming clips ect. You can't really trim them really exactly..can you do this in iMovie? What are some of the advanced features? Can it do greenscreen or anything like that? Or is it just a fancy version of WMM? thanks
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    You can accomplish a lot with iMovie right out of the box. It has all the basic effects and transistions that a beginner will need. With iMovie HD, it can now handle SD, HD, and 16:9 standard def with no problem. You only have one video track but you do have a second audio track to import music or do voice-over. You should be able to trim your clips as fine as you'd like. You may just have to zoom the timeline in or out to stretch the time out.

    IMO, the biggest area where iMovie is well behind other entry-level NLEs (mainly ones that run on Windows) is in titling. iMovie's titling interface is strange, clunky and limited.

    The two biggest benefits of iMovie for me are its ease of use and it's ability to be extended with plugins and third party effects. Just google for "iMovie plugin" and "iMovie effects" and you'll find them. You can get around many of iMovies issues, like titling, with third party plugins. The Simple Caption plugin from cf/x ( is one of my favorites. I also love Virtix Arsenal for creating lightsaber duels.

    Here are some of the best:

    Here is a free blue screen plugin. I've tried it and it is OK--you really need good lighting to make it work.

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