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    I'm making a montage for my friends little brothers bar mitzvah... comming from adobe premiere i'm a little frustrated with certain features, but so far i've been able to work my way through it (for the most part)

    When i am working with pictures, iMovie by default puts in this Zoom effect where the pictures continuously zoom in and out.

    i need to know if there is anyway i can control the zoom effect, e.g. where it starts and where it ends/whether or not it should zoom at all to begin with.

    I need help on this ASAP and will appreciate any help at all!


    P.S. I am running osx panther on a powerbook g4 which i am assuming runs...i life 05?
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    Yes, there is a way. First of all, you can click and drag the sliders in the Photo Settings window (attached) to control the speed and degree of zoom. You can control where the zoom in/out center point is by clicking and dragging the picture. When you are satisfied, hit "Apply."

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