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    I`m in Chile. I had a problem with IMOVIE, and my installer disks are in my other house. I`ll be back there in one month, but i need to learn to edit videos in this time. Thats why i started to looking to other application. Here where i`m existed just one place where i can get APPLE stuff, but in Santiago where i live there are more places. Like i told, here all the APPLE stuff is more expesive than USA. Anyway yesterday i found Final Cut Express HD to
    u$ 300,..but here someone said that`s obsolete. I have the money, but don`t know what to do, what choose,...and really i prefer to make my IMOVIE works fine. About the pirated softwares,...that other story,.just want to say Thanks for teach me about it.
    A friend sent me a messages for help me with IMOVIE,..but i don´t understand at all.This is the messages,..PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!!

    May be You'll find some help here:

    Either delete the pref file or start a new account. Log into this and see if iMovie behaves.

    Is free space on INTERNAL hard disk: more than 20Gb

    Often an origin to problems like this: third party plug-ins for previous versions
    of iMovie that don't work with iM HD.

    I would also try:
    - trash -iMovie pref file (or ever rather start a new account and log into this)
    will create lot's of new error free pref files.

    - Run: repair permissions (Apple Disk Util tool)

    - Run: repair hard disk (Apple Disk Util tool) (You need to start from CD or ext hd)

    - leave Your Mac on during a night: automated cleaning up about 01:00 - 03:00
    or run MacJanitor and Mac Sweeper (Google them)

    - after this - unplug the mains for 30 min. really - cord out. This will reset some
    ports eg. FW-port. (probably not Your problem but anyhow I include it)

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    I've shifted your iMovie question to this separate thread and closed the original

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