iMovie - Highest Quality for a Picture Slideshow to Upload on Youtube?

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    I've been messing with this for hours, its getting frustrating.

    I've made a slideshow with pictures only in iMovie. If I upload it with any of the standard settings, large, HD or whichever, it comes out with the images looses massive quality as well as changing they way they look completely (they are all orangish). I solved this problem by converting the video with the selection - Apple Intermediate Codec, its coverted is a .mov file at 470mb. No dramatic image loss, color is in tact, it looks great!

    Only problem, when I upload it to youtube, it says "cannot convert file". I'm assuming you can't upload .mov files or something. Anyone have a solution for keeping my images in as high of quality as possible but being able to upload in youtube?

    I have to get this up asap, so any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 15, 2006
    Maybe a better and simpler questions would be:

    What is the best way to upload a image slideshow to youtube in the highest quality possible? As in little image loss and color changes from the compression.
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    Compression is lame, you have to force HD output. I've tried this on a 1920x1080 video and it worked flawlessly, so I'm assuming it will work with just pictures. I have iMovie 08, but it should be similar for newer versions.

    Share > Export using QuickTime
    • Name your video and assign a save destination
    • Export dropdown: Movie to Quicktime
    • Use dropdown: Default

    Options (next to Export dropdown) > Video section
    • Settings... > Quality: Best
    • Size... > Dimensions dropdown: 1280x720 HD or 1920x1080 HD (your choice, use 1920 if you have great quality pictures)

    Note: This will be a big file and will take some time to save.

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