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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Sporty G, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Hello all~!!!

    I'm just putting together a video for work and I was excited about putting to use iMovie's BRAND NEW 16x9 abilities for the first time. We shot a significant amount of footage in 16x9 and I proceeded to import it directly into iMovie. iMovie appeared to recognize it as 16x9 and when the application had completed importing the raw DV it automatically 'letterboxed' it. However, all it appears to have done is squezed the video horizontally so that the picture appears proportioanlly and added black bars to the frame. So what I'm left with is a letterboxed 4:3 presentation, which is useless for display on a 16x9 television. I can't seem to overcome this, I'v exported the video to iDVD but iDVD simply recognizes the footage as 4:3 and burns the DVD as such. Any ideas guys?
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    You need to open up iMovie - go into the preferences and tell it that you are using DV Widescreen. Then close iMovie. Restart it with a new project and import your video. Then it won't letterbox it and it will keep it 16:9 throughout iMovie and iDVD

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