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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by daybreak, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Sep 4, 2009
    A lot of people are asking questions about iMovie. Firstly it is always nice to know what version you are using.
    Before sitting in front of your computer and writing what your problem is, there is a "HELP" section in iMovie with tons of information.
    The key to any problem when using any video software is to understand, HOW+WHY+HOW can i solve the issue.
    Also on You Tube is tons of information in visual, problem solving and how to do certain items.
    I just get the impression at times people dont want to go through systems and work out their problem.
    There are some good problems posted and other members can learn.
    So please iMovie software would help.
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    Feb 16, 2012
    This is true, sadly the kind of people who need this advice don't search the forums before posting and will start new threads all the same.:mad:
  3. Artful Dodger, Sep 8, 2012
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    Most people do not have an understanding about the basics which is fine but most questions that make my skull split are those in school where the teacher hasn't a clue what the kids were taught before coming in their class such as the basics of color, light, value and basic art knowledge that would rid most issues. Case in point, I type in Day to Night in iMovie help, Color Correction comes up but no effects. How many regular folks think it's some special effect or don't have an understanding about color, camera setup, lighting and so on? Now apply this to kids taking a film class and not one art composition class required because the school doesn't have a full time art teacher. This part really applies to kids but some adults don't have that knowledge because it wasn't there when they went to school and yes that happens.

    With that said the training of the program would be more effective. Also most adults dive in and want iMovie to produce something that would be done in After Effects or… They are afraid to click and play around because they are using those "special events/moments" and not learning with some short 30 second clip that isn't of that prize moment.

    I go click happy but I also know people that are (because of what they do at work) very tunnel visioned to the point of you can only apply one thing and one thing only to a certain subject. I click and drag multiple stuff over everything and toss caution to the wind in certain situations knowing I'm not causing harm to a short "test" clip. Most think twice even when you tell them try these 10 things stacked on top of each other. The end result of that being the phrase, no one ever told me that or showed me different (this also leads to the search). Most of us are told if you have a question just ask, not look for similar questions first just ask and therefor we do.

    Think about it, most of the world has been driven to the point of being told, you can't that it carries over into everything they do not just for their field of employment and thus you get conditioned to a point. I'm just saying even my mom calls and asks how to do "__" and the answer is usually she didn't think to try X, Y and Z even if she thought of everything else, it just happens ;)

    I will say that it is obvious most times in places like this who is lazy and who just doesn't know even after reading a how to or, their thought isn't coming across like the vision in their mind. That part has helped me over the years become better in terms of understanding their questions because of what is asked and what is really wanted for an out come of anything and everything.

    I will also add, the search on MR can be terrible. I know I have typed in exactly that same thing for search and came up with junk or nothing and Mroogle has given me the resources that I was looking for. It shouldn't be like that and I wonder if that alone at times doesn't add to multiple questions & threads of the same nature.

    Mostly I think expectations and delivery are two worlds apart because the ads for certain things make all this seem so simple as if you don't need to read up or watch more than what is provided on Apple's website or any for that matter. Tell me that isn't also adding to a lack of depth to some extent and it really is in the marketing and not truly meant to stunt creativity, or is it?

    Just a few thoughts…
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    Aug 26, 2009
    I agree with Artful Dodger..some people just don't understand. Those people should just go to the Apple store with a project and have a one on one session.

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